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(A Public Charitable Trust - Registration No. 54217)

In a world being shaken up by knowledge explosion, it is ironical to find millions of people victimized of hunger, illiteracy, ignorance, gaps in communication and the resultant powerlessness. WDF is engaged in providing help in agriculture and farming, improved health and sanitation, combating HIV/AIDS, enhancing the empowerment of women, educating the people from various fields and communities and reversing the loss of environmental resources. The achievement of these objectives is vital to bridge the growing gap between the less developed societies and the industrialized world.

you can join World Development Foundation in doing a bit to help the disadvantaged millions in our country to realize their potentials and attain a brighter future.This can be done in two ways. You can retain us to execute your projects. Any gain derived from it goes to the benefit of poor. You can also join us in our endavour by becoming a member.



Membership is limited and the members are admitted after a selection proceedure by an expert group. Similar proceedure is followed by the trust in giving its grants to the needy people.World Development Foundation (WDF) invites application for membership from corporations / institutions /affiliates and individuals.

Membership fee for various categories

Category of Membership Admission Fee Annual Subscription Life Membership
Corporate Body/Institute/Company (India)INR 50,000/INR 100,000/INR 500,000/
Corporate Body/Institute/Company (Foreign)USD 1,000/USD 2,000/USD 10,000/
Individuals (Indian nationals) RestrictedINR 500/INR 1,000/INR 2,000/
Individuals (Foreign nationals) RestrictedUSD 100/USD 200/USD 500/

Apply for membership

For becoming member, kindly Download Membership Form, fill it and then send to WDF H/Q alongwith the required Bank Draft payable at New Delhi. For any further details, contact wdfindia