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Map of Republic of Ethiopia with CRSs

CRS locations in Ethiopia

Completion of projects in Ethiopia


Applauds for fastest completion

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For this project, Transmitter, antenna system and Cable (RFS) has been procured from DB/DM Broadcast, Italy. Few pictures of Transmitter and other system inspections (in Italy from 17/12/2014 to 21/12/2014) are shown below:

For this project, high quality acoustic panels with 30 mm HD Glasswool, fabric and wood have been designed by World Development Foundation. Few pictures of panels and other furnitures are shown below:

The transmitters and RF cables are ready for dispatch from Italy

Packing, dispatch and loading of Community Radio Broadcast Equipment from India

The goods from India were transported from WDF Bhawan to ICD Tughlakabad and then from there to Mumbai sea port using Rail transportation system. From Mumbai port goods were sent to Comet dry port using Ethiopian Shipping line shown below:

Mr. Ronak Chomal, General Manager proceeded to Addis Ababa for installation on 10th March 2015 and visited different sites for CRS and made the LOP as shown below:

Room at Adola Rede, Ethiopia

Rough LOP of CRS at Adola Rede, Ethiopia

Surrounding of Adola Rede, Ethiopia

Room at Finote Selam, Ethiopia

Rough LOP of CRS at Finote Selam, Ethiopia

Surrounding of Finote Selam, Ethiopia

Building at Illubabor, Ethiopia

Rough LOP of CRS at Illubabor, Ethiopia

Surrounding of Illubabor, Ethiopia

Studio room of CRS at Illubabor, Ethiopia

DG room at Illubabor, Ethiopia

Studio Room at Semera, Ethiopia

Rough LOP of CRS at Semera, Ethiopia

Building of Semera, Ethiopia

Surrounding of CRS at Semera, Ethiopia

Office room LOP at Semera, Ethiopia

Installation & Commissionining of CRSs

Shri Ronak Chomal, General manager, World Development Foundation reached Ethiopia on 10th March 2015 for system planning and forward logistics. A team of three experts from WDF reached Ethiopia on 29th June 2015 for final installation and commissioning. The work was done with the assistance and coordination of local people. MCIT, Govt of Ethiopia provided the assistance of two engineers. The installation of the CRSs, tower, office including acoustics was done during July and August 2015. Roughly one week time took in I&C and handing over at each station. The installations are shown below.

Ari woreda (Debub Omo)

Dilo (Borana)

Chewaka (Illubabor)

Transmitter Rack

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    Approach WDF for purchase of imported 50 Watt VHF FM Transmitters approved by WPC for Community Radio Station.

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