About the Director Ms. Aprajita Srivastava

Ms. Aprajita Srivastava is the Director (Part time from Nov. 2014) of World Development Foundation who executes overseas partnerships, tie-ups, MOUs and major projects. Her basic resume is linked.

Major Asignments

She executed MCIT, Govt. of Ethiopia project of establishing seven radio stations in different parts of Ethoipia in 2015. She filled the tender for global bid, vetted the contract that was signed with MCIT, Govt.of Ethiopia, opened Letter of Credit, procured the equipment and got the project executed within a time frame of twelve months.The stations provide the opportunity for citizens to express themselves socially, culturally, politically and spiritually, thus preparing each and every member of the community to participate in decision-making.

Aprajita Srivastava

She negotiated and finally signed a marketing distribution agreement for india for video cloud with Brightcove.Brightcove Inc., incorporated on August 24, 2004, is a provider of cloud-based services for video. The Company's flagship product is Brightcove Video Cloud (Video Cloud), an online video platform. The Company's other products and services include Brightcove Zencoder (Zencoder), Brightcove Once (Once), Brightcove Gallery (Gallery), Brightcove Perform (Perform), Brightcove Video Marketing Suite (Video Marketing Suite) and Brightcove Lift (Lift). The Company provides its solutions to media companies, broadcasters, publishers, brands and corporations, as well as governments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. The Company operates data center facilities in the greater Boston area, the greater Chicago area, Phoenix and Amsterdam, and also uses third-party cloud computing platforms. It operates its own servers for systems that manage meta-data, business rules and archival storage of media assets.

Awards and Honours

  • BEST RESEARCHER '2018 Award, by International Journal for Research Under Literal Access, Accredited with, Idamas Learning and Training Centre (Malaysia)
  • Among top 5 programmers in the world
  • Certificate of Award and publication in International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER)
  • Certificate of publication in International Journal of Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology(iJSERT)
  • Certificate of publication in Global Scientific Journals (GSJ PUBLISHER)

  • Publications in International journals and Books

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