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Welcome to WORLD DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION. The world of innovative solutions from concept to commissioning. WDF is presently offering prebid services for setting up of FM facility for private broadcasters. You can also seek an appointment and have a discussion with expert with prior appointment and depositing a fee of Rs. 10,000/ or get the Business Plan for your city of interest by paying a fee of Rs. 1,00,000/.

Commercial FM Station

Govt of India started auctioning FM frequency to private broadcasters to improve the coverage area in the country. It was planned to improve programme content, provide wider choice of programmes, improve broadcast quality, enhance technical features. FM Phase-I Policy was approved by the Government in July, 1999. The FM Phase-I Policy provided for selection of successful bidders through open option. The Phase-I policy met with the limited success. A total number of 21 channels are operational in 12 cities under this scheme.

The improved FM Phase-II Policy was notified in July, 2005.

FM Phase-III Policy extends FM radio services to about 227 new cities, in addition to the present 86 cities, with a total of 839 new FM radio channels in 294 cities, Phase-III policy will result in coverage of all cities with a population of one lakh and above with private FM radio channels.

Eligibility criteria for getting permission of FM radio channel

Only companies registered under the Company’s Act, 1956 are eligible for bidding and obtaining permission for FM radio channels. However, following types of companies are not eligible to apply:-
(a) Companies not incorporated in India.
(b) Any company controlled by a person convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude or money laundering/drug trafficking, terrorist activities or declared as insolvent or applied for being declared insolvent;
(c) A company which is an associate of or controlled by a Trust, Society or Non Profit Organization;
(d) A company controlled by or associated with a religious body;
(e) A company controlled by or associated with a political body;
(f) Any company which is functioning as an advertising agency or is an associate of an advertising agency or is controlled by an advertising agency or person associated with an advertising agency;
(g) Subsidiary company of any applicant in the same City;
(h) Holding company of any applicant in the same City;
(i) Companies with the Same Management as that of an applicant in the same City;
(j) More than one Inter-Connected Undertaking in the same City;
(k) A company that has been debarred from taking part in the bidding process or its holding company or subsidiary or a company with the same management or an interconnected undertaking ;
(l) The defaulters of conditions under Phase-I & Phase-II, who have contested the revocation of their Letters of Intent/License Agreements/ Bank Guarantees, thereby continue to be debarred from participating in any future bidding process.

Minimum Net Worth required as per City Category in each region:

  • D category Cities and cities with population upto 1 lakh : Rs. 50 Lakhs.
  • C category Cities : Rs. 1 Crore.
  • B category Cities : Rs. 2 Crore.
  • A category Cities : Rs. 3 Crore.
  • A+ category Cities : Rs. 3 Crore.
  • All categories of Cities in all regions : Rs. 10 Crore.

    World Development Foundation provides total consultancy right from the selection of cities to getting lisenses. We did this for a number of clients in Phase II. We also provide

  • Services during project conceptualization
  • Preparation of a conceptual project report covering the preliminary design of the project.
  • Prediction of coverage and estimation of field strength
  • Cost estimate of the project
  • technical and strategic advice
  • Services during project implementation

  • Selection of site / building & evolving of detailed design for making it suitable for the project.
  • SACFA Clearance
  • Acoustic work of Studio and interiors for office block
  • Ventilation, Power Supply, Fire equipment, Security control devices
  • Procurement of equipment including drawing of specifications of
  • Transmitter equipment

    Speech input equipment



    Feeder cable

    Studio equipment

    Power supply equipment

    Ventilation equipment

  • Installation of various equipment
  • Testing, Integration and Commissioning
  • Advice on maintenance
  • Training of staff

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    Dr. Srivastava signing MOU with private broadcasters in Phase 2

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    Ministry has appointed a group to resolve certain issues about FM phase 3 licenses


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