A Panel of expert anchors and presenters are associated with radio WDf who bring you the latest news and a variety of programme related to Entertainment, Education and Community Development. They develop programme in a different languages of India including those in which many programmes not available, these are Bhojpuri, Chattisgarrhi, Haryanavi etc. The Anchors which give you a variety of programmes are mentioned.



Shahanawaz is a non-professional anchor in Delhi. He is associated with many programmes of Radio and TV. He not only has a great voice but also good in mimicry. He anchors the programme "Challawa" for radiodilli. He claims that if you listen the programme, you are sure to experience supernatural feelings. He has seen many ghosts and if you want to meet one of them listen his programme at night before you fall a sleep.



Ashish is a Professional anchor. He is associated with many radio channels as radio jockey. He is here to entertain you all with his show called "Love Bytes". In this show he will try to solve your all love related problems. He is extremely energetic, fun loving and innovative person. So you all "Love Birds' get ready to experience 'love sutra' and those people who are not in love they will surely fall in love after listening his show.



Deepika is talented, creative, talkative and full of energy and enthusiasm. Her out of the box thinking has led to the creation of an amazing show "Gossip Girls". In this programme you can listen to a lot of gossip and tips with lot of music dispersed under programme. If you find her gossips coming true or her tips usefull to you, aproach her at