Activities and Services

World Development Foundation provides two types of services namely professional and charity. These are described below.

Charitable activities

  • Primary and informal education, Computer literacy programmes, training and counseling to women who are socially and economically disadvantaged, Education on health, hygiene, drug abuse, vaccination, child care etc.
  • Higher Education; Under this programme, it helped in establishment of Technical Education and Research Institute in Ghazipur, UP for higher education in the field of computer, agriculture,& environment.
  • Livelihood generation for the have-nots.
  • Gender sensitization and propagating Palna scheme, Women rights and other legal issues.
  • Counseling and technical assistance in the areas of finance, management, procurement, and marketing, helping communities to get reward for their talent.
  • Better informing and motivating masses with regard to HIV/AIDS interventions and services; supporting and reinforcing positive HIV/AIDS behaviors; improving HIV/AIDS information.
  • Organizing Seminars and Workshops.

Professional Services

In order to sustain its charitable activities, WDF offers a number of professional services using its expertise in the field of education, broadcasting and communication.

WDF provides total consultancy in the field of FM broadcasting from conceptualization to commissioning and also on turnkey basis. WDF team has set up many of the private FM Radio Stations, several community FM Stations in India.

WDF also develops audio and video content and provides training. WDF provides consultancy services including turnkey jobs in the specialized fields of:

  • FM Broadcasting including Commercial and Community Radio Station.
  • Establishment of TV Channels including Direct to Home, Teleports for Television Broadcasting, CATV Network.
  • Radio and Television Studios including Digital Newsroom Systems.
  • Distance Education System through satellite.
  • Terrestrial & Satellite Broadcasting including and Data Broadcasting .
  • Context Planning of TV and Radio Channels.
  • Audio-Video Systems (SRS/ conferencing/ recording/ production and post-production systems).
  • Commercial aspect of Broadcasting Project .
  • Audio, Video & Multimedia production.
  • Regular and specialised training in the field of Broadcasting, Media & IT.

Our Specialised Services

  • Terrestrial Broadcasting for Radio and Television; Frequency planning, coverage planning and prediction, system design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of terrestrial broadcast networks.
  • Satellite Broadcasting; Consultancy and undertaking full turnkey jobs in planning, execution and operation of uplink & downlink systems employing both analogue and state-of- the-art digital video compression technologies.
  • Studio Systems; Interior design and acoustics for broadcast studios and office, theatres & auditoriums, design and implementation of audio-video production and post-production suites to meet customer specific requirements.
  • Content planning, Commercial strategy, Operations, Engineering design, Regulatory Support .
  • Assistance in Site Planning & System Design of the set-up.
  • Assistance in Operational Aspects,Training, Commissioning, Hand-holding & Maintenance .

Our Philosophy

Our key philosophy is to provide quality service of highest standard. This includes.

  • Flexible, tailor-made cost effective solutions to every customer's unique requirements.
  • Emphasis on a professional, total quality approach with frequent reviews and monitoring for efficient and cost-effective completion of every project on schedule.