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WDF is a knowledge-based, global foundation with commitment to enrich and sustain the lives and livelihoods of poor and excluded people throughout the world. It is a charitable trust.

WDF strives to empower the poor by providing education and training for earning livelihood with the use of Radio, TV, Internet and the new media.

  • The trust was established vide Registration No. 54217 on November 2003 in Delhi under Indian Trust Act 1982. .
  • The trust is registered under Income Tax Act under Section 12 A read with Section 12AA(1)(b), by Director of Income Tax (Exemptions) New Delhi.
  • The trust has been granted exemption under section 80G (5) (vi) under Income Tax Act 1961 .
  • WDF is an ISO 9001-2000 certified organization.

We have a vision that the broadcasting and communication (ICT) is the most convenient and cost-effective means of sharing knowledge, removal of poverty, empowerment of poor and under privileged, propagating the rights of women and children, providing healthcare to all, etc.

WDF is the approved partner of Media Lab Asia, Min of Communication & IT, Govt. of India.

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WDF Grants for Health & Education

WDF provides Four Charity Grants of Rs. 50,000/ each every year (Chandra Bhan Lal grants & Aradhna Grants) for the needy and poor people. The grant is given to individuals for assistance for getting healthcare and education after scrutiny of the merit of applications by a panel of experts.

The education grant for the academic year 2013-14 is now open. Please apply in the proforma and send this to WDF Headquarter.

Life Time Acievement Awards to Padma Shri H. S. Jolly and Padma Bhaushan Jasdev Singh by WDF

Citation for Life Time Achievement awards for most significant contribution in the field of broadcasting in the post independence era

It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude that I announce the "Life Time Achievement awards" to two most distinguished broadcasters of post-independence era for their tremendous contribution in shaping the course of broadcasting in this country.

The name Padma Shree H. S. Jolly conjures respect and reverence in the minds of many. Padma Shree H.S. Jolly was instrumental in expansion of radio and TV in the country. He is especially remembered for the rapid colour TV expansion in the country by installing 180 TV stations @ of one TV a day, making a world record for which he received the Padma Shree from Govt of India. Sir, there can not be one workshop involving broadcast engineers without admiring your unachievable contribution. you set the path of broadcasting in the country by your untiring effort and great vision. A taskmaster, he executed all the tasks with basic ingredients- consistency and an absolute commitment to excellence. A man of few words and always believing well done is better than well said. Sir, your untiring efforts in the growth and expansion of the broadcasting in this country have touched the hearts of us all and you have shown a path to the future generation.

An important signature in the field of sports commentary, a man to whom the entire nation has lent its ears, a man with a magical charm in his voice, Padma Bhushan Jasdev Singh has the unique distinction of doing commentary of Independence Day functions at the Red Fort for 47 years. In addition, he had made the commentaries of Olympic Games (nine times), Asian Games (six times), World Cup Hockey (eight times), a number of cricket matches and over 250 documentaries. Sir, you not only gave a direction to the way the commentary is done, but you created a passion and patriotism in the field of sports. There are numerous follower and appreciator of your style and charm.

The size and magnitude of contribution of these two visionaries has created a very meaningful impact on the outcome of the broadcasting, on behalf of the people of Broadcast Fraternity, I thank you.

At this occasion, let me quote, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime,

And, departing, leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of time.

The footprints left by you shall be followed by generations to come.

World Development Foundation is honoured to bestow upon you the Life Time Achievement awards for most significant contribution in the field of broadcasting in the post independence era.

"Life time achievement award" from Dr. H. O. Srivastava, Presdent WDF to Padma Shree H. S. Jolly

"Life time achievement award" from Dr. H. O. Srivastava, Presdent WDF to Padma Bhushan Jasdeo Singh


"Life time achievement award" for the Year 2010-2011 awarded to Sh. B. K. De, Former Engineer in Chief Doordarshan

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